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Hostgator coupon 2013

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hostgator coupon 2013

Hi folks. Hope that you are all still alive and breathing…


I am glad that we have made it safely to the other part of world ending and are now in 2013. There were rumour mills grinding stories on world end and I have even seen websites running sponsored ads on Google pertaining to the end of the world.


Now since we are all back on our toes we can go about doing our business and my business is to tell you about one Hostgator coupon 2013 or maybe two.


Hostgator has been kind enough to exclusively give me some discount coupons and I hope you do not mind making use of them if in need.


With Hostgator you can rest assured of the fact that your site is in the hands of the world’s best host, hosting over 9 million domains worldwide without any trouble.


Also unlike other web hosts which do not provide any huge discounts to their customers Hostgator takes care of the fact that they provide discounts to their customers everytime, every season, every month year after year.


Copy blogger said that 2013 is going to be the year of the online writer. With blogging and online businesses booming its high time that you start something of your own.


Hostgator 25% off coupon for 2013:


Hostgator has been kind enough to provide me with a 25% off coupon by which you will get 25% OFF of your first invoice. This coupon needs to be applied if you are going to purchase hosting for more than 1 year.


I would suggest going for 3 years as you can save a hell lot of money with that.


The coupon is SEEKDEFO25




Hostgator 1 cent coupon 2013:


Hostgator also provides a unique never before seen opportunity of starting your own website with 1 cent hosting. The initial one month bill of $9.94 dollar will brought to only $.01 with this coupon.


The coupon is SEEKDEFO94. Link


A word about domains


If you have not bought your own domain then please do not buy it from Hostgator since it charges $15 for a domain which is costly.


On the other hand if you search on Google for cheap domain names the first sponsored result that you will get is $1.99 domains from GoDaddy which is cheap enough.


No I am not going to earn any commissions by telling you that but then I feel that I should rather help you get stuff for cheap than going for commissions only.


Features of Hostgator hosting in 2013


As said earlier Hostgator hosts over 9 million domains worldwide and its the best choice you can get for your money.


Free Website Templates


SiteStudio Tools
Free Website Scripts


Website Transfer
Domain Transfer


MySQL Transfer
Script Transfer


Google Adwords Credit
Free $100



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